Paramylon ARX Super Euglena

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Euglena Gracilis EX45, Processed Milk Peptide, Xylo-oligosaccarides, Starch, Silicon Dioxide, Calcium Stearate


51.6g (430mg x 120 capsules)

Suggested Dosage:

4 capsules a day with warm water


Paramylon ARX


Paramylon ARX by Naturally Plus - Japanese with English Subtitle


Euglena: The Future-forward Ingredient


A microalgae that has existed since 500 million years ago

Euglena, a type of microalgae that thrives in freshwater, is just about 0.05mm long. It is a rare organism with both plant and animal characteristics: like plants, it can carry out photosynthesis, and, like animals, it has the ability to move on its own. 



With both plant and animal characteristics, euglena is loaded with a rich variety of nutrients

Nutrients from both plant and animal sources can be found in euglena. In addition, since euglena does not have a hard cellulose cell wall, its nutrients are easily digested and absorbed by humans. 



Euglena holds vast potential for use in future applications

With its ability to photosynthesise, euglena could help reduce carbon dioxide levels and contribute to stopping global warming. In addition, as euglena can convert sugars to oil, it could serve as an ecologically-friendly source of bio-fuel. Indeed, euglena is a food ingredient which offers endless future possibilities for the world. 


Paramylon, a unique constituent of euglena


Euglena contains paramylon, which has numerous micro-holes

Paramylon is a type of β-glucan found only in euglena. It has an uncountable number of micro-pores in its sponge-like structure. Some euglena strains contain more paramylon than others. 


Paramylon functions like dietary fibre and helps to support the dietary system

Paramylon has a multi-porous structure and has functions similar to those of dietary fibre. It aids in the evacuation of unwanted substances from the body, and helps users attain overall health from the inside out. 


PARAMYLON ARX incorporates FLORA PEPTIDE™ and xylo-oligosaccharides to support good intestinal bacteria


Raw material: Paramylon-rich “white euglena”

The euglena used in PARAMYLON ARX contains such a high concentration of paramylon that it appears white under the microscope. Since as early as 2010, Naturally Plus has been investing in the development and cultivation of paramylon-rich euglena. 


The pursuit and realisation of euglena containing more than 45% paramylon

Since the launch of PARAMYLON ARX in 2010, Naturally Plus has invested in research which has steadily increased the concentration of paramylon in euglena. In this product upgrade, the paramylon concentration of the euglena used is a whopping 45% — a value that tops the industry. 




PARAMYLON ARX incorporates FLORA PEPTIDE™ and xylo-oligosaccharides to support good intestinal bacteria


FLORA PEPTIDE™ with double coating: An ingredient exclusive to Naturally Plus

FLORA PEPTIDE™, which is derived from milk protein, is compatible with good intestinal bacteria in the gut. It has a two-layered coating which makes it resistant to digestion by gastric acid, and allows it to effectively reach the large intestine. FLORA PEPTIDE™ is an ingredient unique to Naturally Plus. 



Xylo-oligosaccharides: Support for lactobacilli and other good intestinal bacteria

Xylo-oligosaccharides support good bacteria in the intestines. Compared to other oligosaccharides, xylo-oligosaccharides are effective even in small amounts. 


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