Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

Reliable, Long-term, Leveraged Passive and Residual Incomes are the most valuable kind of income you should own 

Passive and residual income can be far superior to ‘paid by the hour’ income. When you are paid by the hour, you are simply trading time for money. And time is something that there never seems to be enough of, you have only 24 hours a day. Trading time for money also means time is taken away from where you could spend on your own personal interest, your own self development and from where you could spend with your family members and your friends. Often when you are working a low paying job, money is always in short supply. Trading time for money shall not be your only source of income.


Network Marketing offers both Passive and Residual Incomes

Network Marketing can generate both Passive and Residual Incomes you continue to earn based on efforts you put forth initially. The Residual Income from Network Marketing is based on the sale of products and services. And, these products must continue to generate repeat sales. The Passive Income from Network Marketing is earned by your initial effort building your team. Presumably your team is doing work; some members bringing in their own customers consuming the products, and preferably building their own team. You are getting paid on their efforts.


Network Marketing Company must have Real Products or Services that are providing Value which benefit the Consumers

A genuine healthy network marketing company must have real products or services that the consumers can enjoy the value it brings to them. There must be a significant number of real customers who buy and reorder even though they are not a distributor, i.e. they are not even part of the compensation plan. They voluntary reorder because they are benefited from the Value of the products, not due to the hard sell. The products shall be consumed by the real customers (including distributors, they are consumers too). The products shall not be stocked up by the distributors in their storeroom because they have to satisfy the volume quotas.


Join a Network Marketing Company that does not require Monthly Volume Quota and no Flushing

Many network marketing companies set a monthly volume quota to their distributors. The higher volume of monthly spends, the more percentage the commission you are getting for that particular month. At the beginning of every calendar month, you restart from zero again, i.e. flushing. You become a “hard sell monster” especially approaching the month end. It is because you are under the pressure of missing the volume quota which means you are missing your targeted commission. Either you hard sell to your friends or family members, or you buy some products yourself to top up the difference. Yes, you are unwillingly filling up your storeroom with stocks.