Mirtogenol® consists of two active nutritional ingredients, which both individually have a long track record for improving eye health

Mirtoselect®  is the original standardized bilberry extract containing 36% anthocyanins (Indena, Italy) in accordance to both the European and USP Pharmacopoeia. The standardized bilberry extract by Indena has been extensively clinically evaluated for its efficacy in vascular protection, with over 50 positive studies, including at least 25 controlled or double-blind studies. They demonstrate its quality, safety and efficacy.

Pycnogenol® is the original standardized French maritime pine bark extract (Horphag Research, UK) bearing 70 ± 5% procyanidins in accordance with United States Pharmacopoeia specifications. Pycnogenol® has been extensively researched since the 1970ies with more than 1200 people diagnosed with retinopathy. Pycnogenol® likewise has GRAS status in the USA. 

In Mirtogenol® these active nutritional act in concert for maintaining a healthy intraocular pressure in safe.

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