Super Lutein

Brand: Naturally Plus
Product Code: Super Lutein – 540mg x 100 capsules per bottle
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Refined Fish Oil (containing DHA), Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin E Extracts, Marigold Extracts (containing Lutein and Zeaxanthin), Blueberry Extracts, Black Current Extracts, Gelatine, Glycerine, Beeswax, Tomato Lycopene, Palm Oil Carotenes, Gardenia Yellow, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 


54g (540mg x 100 capsules) 

Suggested Dosage:

3 capsules a day 


SUPER LUTEIN - Specially Designed for Eye Health and Overall Health


SUPER LUTEIN satisfies everyone who wants to enjoy a healthy life

For a healthy life style, moderate exercise, adequate sleep and nutritional balanced meals are essential. Proper food intake is especially important in maintaining a healthy and active body. However, with our busy modern lifestyles, consuming nutritionally balanced meals regularly is not an easy task.

In recent years, the lack of vegetable intake has become a growing public health concern. As even our everyday meals might not provide sufficient nutrition, taking nutritional supplements can easily overcome this problem.

SUPER LUTEIN is a well-balanced nutritional supplement containing carotenoid, which are essential nutrients found in brightly coloured red, yellow and green vegetables. Naturally Plus always insists on the highest quality and with great confidence, will safely and securely deliver the product right into your hands. Our greatest wish is for everyone to live a healthy and happy life.


SUPER LUTEIN contains a balanced combination of carotenoids

Carotenoid are pigment compounds found in some vegetables and fruits, they are available in a variety of bright colours such as yellow, red, purple, and orange, and are necessary for photosynthesis in plants. Studies have shown that carotenoids are closely linked to relieving oxidative stress induced by ultraviolet rays.

Several hundred kinds of carotenoids have been found in plants, of which, at least 50 types are present in fruits and vegetables. Carotenoids are excellent antioxidants, perform many different functions and come in a variety of colours.

SUPER LUTEIN Ingredient Guide

SUPER LUTEIN contains 6 kinds of carotenoids which include both lutein and crocetin.

In addition, nutrient ingredients such as anthocyanin, DHA, vitamin B, vitamin E are included in balanced portions. If the lack of vegetable intake and nutrient imbalances are your major concerns, then SUPER LUTEIN is the best daily nutritional supplement for you.





Nutritional Value
Calories 10.10 Kcal
Protein 0.54 g
Fat 0.78 g
Carbohydrate 0.24 g
Sodium 2.22 mg
Vitamin E 70.40 mg
DHA 51.60 mg
Lutein 18.00 mg
Lycopene 2.16 mg
Zeaxanthin 1.50 mg
α-Carotene 1.05 mg
β-Carotene 2.10 mg
Black Currant Extracts 72.00 mg
Gardenia 3.00 mg

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